Why IE-Technologies ?

IE-Technologies create long term relationships with each of its clients. We adopt your business objectives; your success is our success. Our philosophy is to supply what you need, and when you need it. We will provide all the help you need in screening participants, modifying program content and scheduling dates, but the decision is always yours. Training, consultancy and outsourcing services are not an add-on to our business, it is our core business. Our aim is to be your partner; partners forever, continuous success guaranteed.

We understand the market's business solution service needs, align our services with organizational strategies, and design and deliver courses specifically for your business, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic materials.

IE-Technologies operations are supported by a core team of dedicated professionals. We pride ourselves of our team of highly skilled, multi-disciplined staff and extensive reference experience for more than 15 years. Quality control procedures ensure our clients experience fast and efficient project management and implementation.

We have a policy of providing Line Management, Practitioners and Consultants for client projects. Over 70 in-house training courses and consultation services are mainly conducted in English; however some of them could be provided in Arabic depending on our client's demands.

Our consultants have long and extensive experience in the fields of Management, Human Resources, Environment and Safety, Sales and Marketing, Media conversion. and technology systems, Our team of consultants had participated in a large number of various projects for private and public enterprises and governmental institutions in Egypt and abroad.


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