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b- Human Resources Outsourcing

For many small/medium enterprises business owners and new limited time projects, dealing with the multitude of employer responsibilities - from creating competitive benefits packages to complying with ever-changing government regulations - can be a significant hassle. Unlike large businesses, small/medium firms often cannot afford to run a dedicated HR department to deal with these issues. As a result, the responsibility often falls to the owners, who may have neither the time nor the experience to handle these tasks effectively.

Our increasingly popular option for small/medium enterprises and limited time project businesses is to outsource HR responsibilities to a firm who is essentially HR specialists and can provide a variety of support functions without huge overhead.

IE-Technologies typically offer a number of HR oriented services, including the following:

  • Performing Job evaluation using the best practices methods and tools in order to evaluate all jobs in the company and review the complexity and the relative contribution of each job

  • Contributing in the organizational performance management process including formulating methods and techniques, administering and directing performance appraisal system and insuring fair usage of results in incentives, promotion and incentives decisions.

  • Designing and Administering the process of human resources needs , planning forecast , manpower requirements

  • Designing, conducting and maintain salary structures based on the internal and external relativities determination process, considering issues of equity, consistency and performance.

  • Contributing in organizational development practices, conducting assessment in formulating norms of organizational behavior and cultural changes needed, overwhelming resulting resistance of change and achieving the projected objectives through carrying our Human Resources Development related activities

  • Reviewing and developing the organization remuneration's policy including its Market competitiveness

  • Reviewing all staff benefits and employee service polices and recommend changes as appropriate

  • Assisting in the preparing of effective and efficient incentive scheme directing the employees to the desired behaviors and to achieve the company's goals & targets.

  • Developing of the performance management system

  • Assist in the preparation and developing of the human resources work flow and process analysis

  • Recruiting and staffing, IE-Technologies shall assume responsibility for execution of searching, screening and short-listing candidates for the required positions from our community of pre-screened Overdrive and onboard community.

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