Outsourcing Solutions

a- Sales Outsourcing

IE-Technologies as a professional Business solution provider firm enable companies to reach new markets and launch new products quickly and cost-effectively through Focusing on powerful skilled Sales Team. Many companies have great solutions or services and products but sales are not their core competency. Our Sales Enabling Services are specifically designed to generate sustained revenues for clients who are attracted to the benefits of a professional sales service: speed to market, flexibility, reduced risk, reduced management oversight, and the generation of incremental market share.

IE-Technologies delivers high impact results through:

  • Discover and analyze the potential markets and the competitive landscape for the organization's Services and products. This allows identifying the most receptive target industries and sectors, as well as channels or partnering companies.

  • Develop and enhance the way an organization is positioned in the market. Formulate the optimal positioning statements, value propositions and other messaging that responds to the most important priorities of target markets and that aligns best with competencies, capabilities and product or service feature sets.

  • Determine the best ways to deliver organization's message into these markets in the most potent and resource efficient manner, as its sales, business development, marketing, PR, etc.

  • Determine the pricing model that optimizes margins and accelerates revenue capture. Most organizations under price their products and services.

  • Provide sales support and sales staffing services, and establish/utilize sales force that could start on high experience skilled sales persons, manage and coach them for optimal performance.

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