Training Programs

Training programs are coordinated with the management of our clients to design in- house courses that are most suitable to participant needs, working environment, related experience and business industry.

The training programs could be handled in our client premises or any external premises such as Hotels in Cairo, Alex, Sharm El-Shikh ….etc.

a- Management

  • The Art of Improving People Behavior
  • The Job, The People, and The Process
  • Goals Setting and Action Plan Concept
  • Building and Managing Teams
  • Assessing Blockage to Effective Teamwork
  • Effective Group Presentation
  • Basic Supervisory Skills
  • Essential Management Skills
  • From Management Excellence to Leadership
  • Building the Customer Focus Organization
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Achieving Telephone Excellence
  • Customer Care Skills
  • The Meeting Process
  • Developing a Customer Care Organization

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